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'Roger Federer is a great champion but not a good person,' said Srdjan Djokovic

As many times before, Srdjan Djokovic couldn't skip Roger Federer in his latest interview on Serbian TV a couple of days ago, praising his son Novak and blasting the Western world.

Srdjan is not happy with how the Western media have treated his son, saying he deserves more respect for everything he has achieved in the last 15 years. Mentioning the US Open disqualification, Srdjan believes that Rafa or Roger would not have been eliminated had they did the same.

Also, Srdjan went back to Novak's early years and reminded how Federer was against his son right from the start, feeling that he would become his great rival in the future. Srdjan elaborated his interview by saying that Roger Federer is a great champion but not a good person.

"It seems to me that the Western world is twisted; they attack Novak so much and say so many disgusting things about him that it's just unbelievable. The foreign media do not have the best opinion of us, and that we are constantly bothering them. To tell you the truth, I don't want to be part of their world either.

Fifteen years ago, Roger attacked my son while he was still a teenager. Roger knew that someone was coming who would be better than him. I said he was a grand champion, the best at that time, but he is not a good person," Srdjan Djokovic said.


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