"Serena has the far better stats": Andy Murray gets dragged by compatriot Liam Broady over game stats after trying exhibition match

Wednesday, 01 May 2024 at 01:30
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Following the release of the tennis video game TopSpin2K25, British tennis player Liam Broady took a playful shot at compatriot Andy Murray over his odds against WTA legend Serena Williams in the video game.
Broady, who is an avid gamer, tends to stream some of his gaming sessions on Twitch. Although the British star wanted to play an online exhibition match, the game servers were down. Therefore, he opted to play single player mode, pitting countryman Murray against Williams.

Williams' in-game stats superior to Murray's 

During his stream, Broady took a picture of his screen and posted it to Twitter. The former World No.93 tagged Murray, poking fun at his good friend due to Williams' better game statistics.
"Who gets the win? Serena has the far better stats," wrote Broady on Twitter.
Broady opted to play as Murray versus Williams, and started the game with a double fault. However, he did end up winning the game and was full of praise for Williams' serve after the virtual match.
"I never realized guys, until I watched it live, how big her (Williams) serve is, like, it's a proper... it's like one of the men's serves," said Broady to his viewers.

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