"The end is in sight for all these guys" - says former player Jan-Michael Gambill on the active players of big four

Saturday, 01 October 2022 at 00:00
Former American player Jan-Michael Gambill believes that the remaining active players of the big four are close to retiring as well.
Roger Federer retired recently at the Laver Cup and it was a very historic moment in tennis. It was a celebration of tennis and a career that left a mark that will be very hard to rival for any current or future player.
All members of the big four were there with some getting quite emotional (Nadal) about it. Speaking on the Tennis Channel Gambill said:
"Rafa was so emotional. Part of it is the friendship they developed competing with him and the other side might be just seeing that the end is in sight for all these guys."
He added:
"Not anytime soon hopefully but the Big-4 that were there know their own mortality when they see a guy like Roger who we have associated with the game so long and if he retires then, unfortunately, it won't be much longer for everybody to play at that level and age."

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