"This gesture was not intentional, so please forgive me for my emotional outburst” Terence Atmane addresses controversial incident at French Open

Tuesday, 28 May 2024 at 23:00
Terence Atmane has spoken out about the controversial incident where he hit a fan during his French Open match. The 22-year-old French player lost to Austria's Sebastian Ofner in a tightly contested match that ended with a comeback by Ofner, 3-6, 4-7, 7-6(2), 6-2, 7-5.
Atmane was a break up in the third set and seemed on course for victory, but Ofner's resilience pushed Atmane to the limit. During the third set, Atmane expressed his frustration by hitting a ball into the crowd, which unfortunately struck a spectator.

Controversy marks Atmane's Debut

After Atmane hit the ball into the crowd, the match was halted for nearly 15 minutes. Ofner demanded Atmane's disqualification for misconduct, as stipulated by the rules, but the umpire and supervisor decided to issue only a warning to the local player.
Atmane's conduct went viral on social media, sparking negative reactions from fans and some fellow players. The Frenchman recently posted an apology on social media: "Hello, Good evening. Just to come back to what happened last night regarding the mini drama I'm facing: After losing the 3rd set and leading 4/1 in the 4th, Sebastian saves a break point and just as he sends the ball back to me I have a moment of frustration and decide to send the ball into the net out of frustration," Terence Atmane said.
"Problem: I broke my string at the same moment and found myself watching my ball cross the court and go straight into the leg of a spectator... Of course, my first instinct would have been to go and apologize, but I was so shocked and disoriented by my action that no reaction came to mind... like a blackout where my brain switches off and I can't think of anything else - anything," he added.
Atmane was just giving a warning instead of being defaulted.
"I'm working very hard on myself mentally and people who know me know that I've made enormous progress in terms of frustration and stress management, even if I'm far from perfect. Stress that 6 months ago was causing me to lose between 4 and 6kg per tournament," Atmane said.
Atmane stated that his actions were unintentional and that he hopes to apologise to the woman who was hit by the ball: "This gesture, which I'm sure you've seen on the media, was not intentional, so please forgive me for my emotional outburst and, above all, I'd like to apologize personally to the lady I'm currently looking for with my agent and the tournament organizers, so that I can tell her straight to her face and offer her one of my signed rackets (if she accepts the offer, of course)," Terence Atmane said.

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