Tsitsipas believes Rune is too obsessed with tennis: "I’m just worried about him burning out"

Sunday, 15 January 2023 at 16:00
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Stefanos Tsitsipas got a very good chance to get to know Holger Rune as they both use the Patrick Mouratoglou facilities and he saw how obsessed with tennis he is.
Tsitsipas can understand the commitment to the sport as he's quite committed himself but according to Tsitsipas Rune is on another level. He played against him at last year's Roland Garros and Rune won rather comfortably. Speaking about the Danish rising star, Tsitsipas noted his commitment to the sort:
“He is a very strong opponent. He has matured pretty fast in his game. Of course that comes with a lot of hard work. I’ve seen him at the academy working hours and hours. He’s obsessed with tennis. You can see how obsessed he is with the sport. He lives, breathes, and just I think thinks tennis all the time, which it is both good but it might also have some downsides because you know you have to have other things in your life that excite you and brings joy."
He added:
“Tennis is an important part of your life. But I’m just worried about him burning out. It’s a lot of tennis. I see players. I would say I have a good eye, I’m able to analyze them a little bit. He reminds me a little of myself when I was younger at his age."
And predicted a good year for him:
“I think this year could be his year, a year where he does much better than the year before. He proved it in Bercy recently and some other tournaments prior to that, winning titles and lifting some good trophies. I would make a prediction of him that he’s going to have a good 2023.”

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