(VIDEO) Corentin Moutet causes coffee chaos during bonkers marathon clash at Madrid Open

Thursday, 25 April 2024 at 07:20
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Corentin Moutet is well known for being a bit of a divisive tennis character but he is always entertaining and he proved that again on Wednesday in one of the most bizarrest matches in a long time at the Madrid Open.
Moutet was facing Juncheng Shang and lost out 7-6, 2-6, 6-7 in the end. But at one point during the marathon clash that lasted just under four hours he vented to the umpire that he couldn’t get coffee.
“It doesn’t matter where we play, we don’t provide coffee,” said the umpire amid Moutet’s frustrations. “We don’t provide coffee.”
“Why don’t you provide coffee, you provide bananas, you provide gels, Sprite. Do you not do anything for a player, am I asking for caviar or something like that,” said Moutet.
Moutet then got his wish as a fan was listening in and decided to bring him a coffee. But hilariously he was also trying to get another fan removed by the supervisor at the same time. He also got sprayed by sprinklers from another court mid point which provided a let as well as his racquet going flying after a serve, he hit a net cord winner on match point down and a line judge mistake also in which they had to replay the point and Moutet saved his skin. A match that truly had it all but in drama and hilarity.

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