(VIDEO) "You are just not going to win": Frances Tiafoe calls out match scheduling at ATP tournaments

Saturday, 28 October 2023 at 14:43
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Frances Tiafoe has called out the match scheduling at ATP tournaments, saying it gives an unfair advantage to top-ranked players.
The American addressed the difficulties caused by rain delays and detailed how the re-scheduling of matches affects players physically, making it more difficult for them to win matches and progress at tournaments.
This has been a problem on both the ATP and WTA Tour throughout the year, as well as at Grand Slams. One clear example came at this year's Wimbledon, where over a hundred matches were delayed due to rain.

Tiafoe unsure of how to level playing field

In a recent interview with the Professional Tennis Players' Association (PTPA), Tiafoe opened up on how rain delays unfairly affect lower-ranked players but admitted that he was not sure how to resolve the issue.
"People pay for tickets as they want to watch Novak [Djokovic]. They want to see [Carlos] Alcaraz. They want to see [Iga] Swiatek, [Aryna] Sabalenka. But you're seeing the forecast and it's raining.
"You have Novak getting ready to play the third round the next day, and there are guys still on their first ones. So they are going to play every day, but Novak is guaranteed to play because he has roofs," he said.
"In my mind, if you have a guy at World No. 15, he's still very good, put him on center. Rather than he's supposed to play [tough schedules], you are just not going to win. I mean, you can, but it's so unlikely. And if you're going to try to win the tournament, the chance is so unlikely.
"But it's like you know, these are the best players in the world, I get it. But, how do you create the same playing field? How is that even possible? I get it, you got the best player in the world on the best court, they make things go," he continued.
Moreover, Tiafoe highlighted the powerlessness of players in these situations, saying that their scheduling depends on what the ATP and ITF decide.
"But like these conversations, it's only going to be what the ATP is going to do. The Grand Slams, ITF, they are going to do whatever, it doesn't matter. What are you going to say? Nothing. You have to play. If you don't play, your world ranking goes down. It's true and players bow down to it and say, 'Oh, okay this is what it is, these are the rules'," he added.

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