"Been screaming that for 20 years": Martina Navratilova in favour of campaign to remove let rule from tennis

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Monday, 30 October 2023 at 10:02
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Martina Navratilova expressed her agreement with eliminating the let rule proposed by sports commentator Steve Weissman.
Recently, Weissman discussed the let rule in tennis on the Tennis Channel podcast, which refers to replaying the point when the ball touches the net and then lands inside the service box.
According to the sports commentator, the rule lacks substantial reasoning and doesn't align with any other rules, so serious consideration should be given to removing it:
"I'm saying no more lets on serves. It happens in every other part of the game other than serve. No more lets," Weissman said on the Tennis Channel podcast.
As expected, this immediately sparked a significant number of reactions among tennis fans worldwide.  A clip of Weissman defending his idea was shared on social media, prompting a strong response from tennis enthusiasts around the globe.
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova took the opportunity to share the post and express her support for the potential removal of this rule, stating that she has been advocating for the elimination of this rule for decades.
"Been screaming that for about 20 years!!! NO MORE LETS," 18-times Grand Slam champion wrote on X (former Twitter.)
For now, the evidence suggests that the rule doesn't directly affect the majority of tennis players. According to The New York Times, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) conducted a two-year investigation in the 1990s, considering rule changes, and analyzed 715 matches.
The most significant discovery is that statistically, each match has an average of 4.1 lets, and most of the time (65%), these lets didn't provide any advantage to either player.
Most balls that hit the net and still landed in the service area continued to travel in almost the same direction and at the same speed. It was also rare for these balls to slow down or change direction.

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