Wilander left worried by Djokovic battling through Australian Open with obvious injury: "He’ll play on one leg if he has to"

Thursday, 19 January 2023 at 19:15
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Novak Djokovic was spotted struggling with his leg again as he was stretching it after every longer rally which makes Wilander a bit worried.
The Swedish analyst analysed his 2nd round win at the Australian Open and noted that the injury seems worrisome but he knows that Djokovic will do everything to play. Despite the injury and losing one set, Djokovic largely cruised to a comfortable win. Any additional time spent on the court is not ideal for him but the most important thing was to win.
Reacting to Djokovic's post-match comments where he said that the leg doesn't feel good at all, Wilander said:
“That is not reassuring because I don’t remember him saying anything like that about his body. I really don’t. Rafa [Nadal] is obviously always very honest and he gets asked all the time. You never really see Novak injured, and if he is, he’s always very quiet about it. So that’s a worry."
He added:
“The good think for Novak, when he’s a little bit injured, he can do so much with a tennis ball these days, he can flatten out the forehand, and for his serve. He served brilliantly. As long as he can go through the matches, he’ll find another way of playing tennis that I think very few players can do. Of course, it’s a worry, but tactically he’ll play on one leg if he has to.”

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