Rafael Nadal is still one of the best players in the world having won 19 Grand Slam titles, been ranked No.1 in three decades and is top seed again at 33 for the Australian Open.

Nadal was asked by reporters what his secret was and he said it is all about his love for the game, more than anything.

He even admitted himself that it is a big surprise to be where he is at his age and that he thought his career was going to be shorter so to be still at the top at this point is a bonus.

“No secret at all,” he told reporters. “There is only about passion, about love for the game, and being able to stay positive in the tough moments.”

“It’s true that I went through some tough situations during all my career. But I was able to always, with probably the positive attitude and with the right people around, they were key, I was able to find a way to keep going,” he said.

“For my style of game, as a lot of people said, my career should be little bit shorter. But here we are. Happy for that. Even for me, it is a big surprise to be where I am at my age.

“Happy for everything. Just enjoying the situation.”

“I am practising I think more or less okay. Just remain for me two more days of practice. Let’s try to keep going with the right intensity and with the right feelings. Hopefully I will be ready for Tuesday,” Nadal added.


Author: Samuel Gill