"Almost took her head off": Roger Federer's competitive spirit even in table tennis amuses fans

Saturday, 02 March 2024 at 12:30
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Roger Federer has been touring major cities around the world recently for his series '24 Hours with Roger', in collaboration with his Japanese apparel Uniqlo.
During the visits, which have featured stops at Tokyo, New York and London, the Swiss attempts to immerse himself in the culture of the respective countries. One edition sees Federer in Shanghai, where he plays table tennis against a young girl named Pineapple.
While losing the game, the 20-time Grand Slam winner's competitive spirit started to kick in, as one of the rallies saw him hit a powerful backhand that flew over the girl's head, leading to Federer apologising to the youngster.
Nevertheless, the moment did not go unnoticed by fans, with most stating how Federer's winning instinct simply couldn't help but get the better of him.
"Winner instinct, not letting a kid get a point," one fan commented.
"Almost took her head off," another wrote. One fan joked how Federer's technique has never lost him, saying: "His backhand is quick and subtle in table tennis. Maybe it's not a full retirement."

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