"He feels like I'm cheating on him": Andre Agassi details Andy Roddick's reaction to not being involved in Pickleball Slam 2

Tuesday, 26 December 2023 at 02:00
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Andre Agassi recently shared insights into Andy Roddick's reaction after informing him that he wouldn't be part of the upcoming Pickleball Slam 2. In a departure from the first edition of the exhibition, this time the matchups will be mixed, with Agassi partnering with his wife, Steffi Graf, against Maria Sharapova and John McEnroe.
Roddick had previously teamed up with Agassi in the exhibition, and together they faced McEnroe and Michael Chang in a match that garnered significant fan attention last year in Las Vegas.

"He feels like I'm cheating on him”

In an excerpt from an interview with Agassi and Graf, the American discussed his conversation with Roddick: “Andy already messaged me that he feels like I'm cheating on him, like bringing another partner to the court. I came into my wife's defense and said, 'How can I cheat on you with my wife? It's not really cheating,'" Agassi said.
Nevertheless, the former world No. 1 highlighted the opportunity he had previously to team up with Roddick in Pickleball: “He was so awesome to play with; he's gotta get back into the mix. He's been keeping up the game too. I'm gonna get on him for definite ways for us to get back in a competitive environment,” former world No. 1 added.

Last Pickleball Slam

The inaugural edition of the Pickleball Slam took place on April 2, with victory going to the Agassi-Roddick duo over McEnroe-Chang by 3-1, securing a prize purse of $1 million. The matches were played with two singles and a decisive doubles match. In the first singles match, McEnroe defeated Agassi 15-13, 16-14, while in the second, Roddick secured a victory against Chang with a score of 15-10, 15-10. The doubles game proved to be the decider in the slam, and Agassi and Roddick narrowly won 21-15, 21-23, 12-10.

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