"He refused a test before the match and did it after": Ex-French cyclist believes Novak Djokovic should be suspended for not completing doping test when asked

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Friday, 01 December 2023 at 19:25
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After Novak Djokovic revealed he refused to do a pre-match doping test before his Davis Cup clash against Great Britain's Cameron Norrie, former French cyclist Marc Madiot believes the Serbian should be suspended for his actions.
Djokovic stated he had been approached by the anti-doping authorities an hour and a half before his match against Norrie. However, the World No.1 revealed he was unhappy with the proposal, rejecting the notion as he did not want to risk making any changes to his body that close to a match.

Madiot believes Djokovic should be suspended for not following the rules

"There are rules of testing before and after competition," said Madiot. "If the anti-doping body is doing its job, Mr. Novak Djokovic should be suspended, He refused a test before the match and did it after. In cycling, if you refuse a test, you are automatically positive, and when that is the case, you receive a penalty.
"You don't have the right to refuse testing, that's the rule. In the assortment of doping products there are those that can be detected in a very limited period of time. If you don't test yourself before the start, during the match, their traces can be erased in the body. That is why testing was introduced before the competition. The fact that he was only warned is unreal."

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