Unknown Chinese ingredients could've been behind Simona Halep doping breach as court case filed

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Tuesday, 20 February 2024 at 10:22
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Simona Halep's lawyers filed a case last week against Quantum Nutrition, the Canadian company that made the product which saw the former World No.1 test positive for the banned substance, Roxudustat.
Halep has just finished her CAS appeal trial and will now await the results of whether she will be able to continue her career or not or whether she will have to serve part or all of her ban. But details of the product Keto MCT show that unknown Chinese ingredients could mean that Halep's case could be very much valid.
They may have used Chinese ingredients instead of those from the Pacific Ocean that they should've done according to their label. A legal case was submitted to the Supreme Court with Halep attempting to get back $10m. The product description says it only has four ingredients and is sourced from premium coconuts. But it is the the formula that is sourced from hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides from the Pacific Ocean that is likely the issue as per Halep's lawyers.
This formula is used to make sure that it is environmentally friendly and clean and help to build a good quality collagen. But there is no statement on the label that warns people about the presence of Roxudustat which instead is used to treat people with anaemia.
In the file submitted to New York, it is noted that the defendant Schinoussa backed the claim when in fact the Keto MCT seemingly contained Chinese sourced ingredients of an unknown origin and contained Roxudustat. This was also hit and miss with Halep only consuming one supplements contaminated with the substance. As her appeal heads towards its conclusion, another court case will rumble on for the former World No.1 as she aims to get some semblance of damages for her time off court due to inhaling the substance which she protests her innocence still in taking.

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