Coco Gauff addresses how she deals with harassment from gamblers on social media

Tuesday, 02 July 2024 at 02:30
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With online gambling becoming more prevalent, especially among sports, athletes have to deal with negative comments by people who bet on matches. However, American tennis prodigy Coco Gauff reveals she has a method of dealing with online abuse by these gamblers.
In a press conference at Wimbledon media day, Gauff spoke about how she and other athletes are targeted by people who bet on sports. The 2023 US Open champion revealed it can get frustrating dealing with these type of people, but has figured out a way to block out the negativity.

Gauff is not hesitant to use the block button

"Maybe the angry gamblers on social media are a little annoying, but I love the button: block," said Gauff. "They say I use it a lot on X, but I just say: Bye!"
However, the World No.2 stated she has a strong bond with all her fans who are positive. Furthermore, she admitted to obtaining satisfaction from all her positive encounters with fans all around the world.
"There are many things I love, but definitely the best thing about being a tennis player is the bond with people," said Gauff. "Last week I met a guy who is a fan of mine. He started to get excited when he met me. It's those things and those interactions that make you who you are, since what you do on the pitch matters, it doesn't matter if you have fun and win everything or if you're going through a period. difficult and you're losing. These interactions with people are so satisfying that it's worth it."

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