“I can still compete at the highest level” says Venus Williams hinting at latest return after Cult 100 recognition

Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 08:54
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Venus Williams as a seven time Grand Slam champion can be described as one of the best of all time when it comes to women’s tennis but also off the court she has left her mark through various off court ventures mainly with clothing brands.
Queen Vee has now been recognised by Cultured Magazine who included her as part of their Cult 100 list which recognises individuals who advocate for change in a world changing differently E.g not bowing to the rise of AI for instance.
"Whatever their discipline, they share a commitment to listening as much as they speak, cultivating their interests obsessively, and exuding authenticity, even when it's messy or inconvenient," the magazine uses as it’s barometer. "The individuals assembled here represent a powerful rejoinder to a culture shaped by algorithms. They advocate for a slower, weirder, more generous and intimate world. And in the process, they are making it a much more interesting place to be."
But also Williams who typically does play the grass court season seemed to hunt again that another return is imminent.
“I’ve overcome so much adversity in my career. I know what I am capable of and I know that I can still compete at the highest level, so this mindset pushed me through those tough periods of time," said the legendary American.
"I am so proud of my achievements on the court, but I take even greater pride in what I’ve accomplished beyond it," she said. "Early on in my career, I utilized my platform to make a positive impact, whether through tennis or through my design firm, V Starr.
"I like to think that my decisions to stand up for what’s right—and be an advocate for gender equity and women’s empowerment—has inspired the next generation."

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