"I don't care if I miss" - Raducanu on change in approach

Emma Raducanu shifted back to the way she used to play this week and it brough her some success.

The Brit lost to Jessica Pegula but it was a nice and competitive match between the players and Pegula proved only slightly better. The Brit was disappointed with the loss but embraced the Cincinnati experience as it showed her the way she should play:

"In the past year, I think it's probably the first tournament or one of the few tournaments that I have actually started going for my shots more. I think that recently I was kind of playing and hoping they would miss, and I think I was pushing the ball around a lot more. This week I kind of just was like, 'Look, I'm just going to try. I don't care if I make errors, it's fine,' but I'm just going to like overhit if anything."

Despite the positives, there were also negatives that she already identified. Learning how to deal with those is a process of becoming better:

"To play back-to-back days between the first and second, it was pretty quick turnover. I think that it's difficult as well to stay mentally focused, to keep mentally just going back out there and backing the performances up. I think that's something, to be honest, I don't think I have experienced much of, because I haven't had many consistent weeks of a lot of matches in a row. It was great to get three matches this week, and in D.C., as well."

Speakign abotu her future Rdaucanu said she needs to combine all the things she does well into an entity:

"I think I do each of the aspects pretty well, separated. But I just need to put them together. For example, some weeks I have served really, really well. I think over the clay in the beginning I served really well. Then like some weeks, I don't know, it would just disappear and then I will become more of a defensive player. Then I will become more of an attacking player. So I think I am still trying to find the balance and just trying to package my game together more so. But like I said, every match at this level I figure out what works, what doesn't work, how I should be hitting the ball. I feel more confident in what I'm doing now."

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