"I think yeah to bring some personality to the sport": Pegula agrees with Tiafoe's view point surrounding basketball-like changes with younger generation in mind

Saturday, 25 March 2023 at 05:00
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American tennis star Frances Tiafoe believes tennis needs more to alter a few traditions to make it more popular with the younger generation, and compatriot Jessica Pegula supports his stance.
Current tennis etiquette states fans should remain quiet during points and should not change or leave their seats until players take breaks like changing ends. Tiafoe, however, believes fans should be allowed to speak and move during matches, which is the case with basketball.
When asked about Tiafoe's comments at the Miami Open, Pegula said that she didn't mind people moving or talking during points. 
"I mean, I like it. I'm also, like, one of those people. I don't really get bothered if people are standing or yelling or talking, not yelling maybe. So I can see how, yeah, that's a cool way to look at it," Pegula said.
The World No.3 added that players like Tiafoe enjoy have large fanbases due to their personality, which could help attract more people to the sport.
"I think, yeah, to bring some personality to the sport, I think we have to start looking at some different things to touch a younger generation," she said. "And guys like Foe who have so much personality and so much energy, they love it, and they have such an amazing fan base, and they have so many fans outside of tennis, I feel like because of his energy. So I think something that could compliment, that would really help the sport."

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