Navratilova sheds light on 'appearing' on Sports Illustrated with Evert: "I remember shooting an SI cover with Chris, put a bunch of arms from the NBA Finals instead"

Martina Navratilova looked back on her experience with Sports Illustrated when the publication got her and Evert together for a shoot that was never published.

Navratilova and Evert were some of the biggest stars in the sporting world at their peaks and Sports Illustrated tried to capitalize on that by having them pose together for a shoot. They were great rivals at the time and even better friends nowadays and Navratilova looked back on that shoot.

It comes after a fan posted photos of them on the covers of Sports Illustrated but those were their individual covers and not the joint one. She reacted to that by sharing the story of how they shot a joint cover but it was never published:

"I remember shooting an SI cover with Chris and then SI put a bunch of arms from the NBA finals on the cover instead."

She then added further:

"I stopped signing SI covers for collectors- about the only time women were on the cover was the swimsuit issue."

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