Olympic Games success is 'equal to the Grand Slams' for Coco Gauff with sights set on gold medal on debut in Paris

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 01:30
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With the Olympic Games taking place every four years, some athletes may not have the opportunity to compete at the historical event. American tennis star Coco Gauff falls in that category, and she recently opened up about her excitement at representing her country at this year's Olympics.
The Olympic Games will be hosted in France this summer, with the tennis event slated to take place on the hallowed grounds of Roland Garros. Despite being a staple in the top 10 on the WTA tour, Gauff has never competed at the quadrennial event due to her recent rise to stardom.

Victory at the Olympics carries as much weight as a Grand Slam, says Gauff

During an interview at the ongoing Rome Open, Gauff spoke about how much competing at the Olympics means to her.
"For me, the Olympics is a top priority. I would say equal to the Grand Slams. I wouldn't put it above or below just because I've never played before. This is my first time. Obviously, I always want to do well, try to get a medal. Yeah, I mean, but the prep is going to be interesting because I've never done the grass-to-clay transition before.
"I'm not putting too much pressure on it because I really want to fully indulge in the experience. Hopefully I can have the experience multiple times in my lifetime. I'll treat it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

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