"I knew I'm different, I'm a black girl and I'm playing tennis": Serena Williams admits she aimed to make fashion statement for a reason

Wednesday, 08 May 2024 at 03:00
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Retired WTA legend Serena Williams was known for her bold fashion outfits during her playing days. The American has now opened up about her decision to wear such unique outfits, and how the opportunities arose for her to design her own outfits.
Throughout her career, the 23-time Grand Slam champion was criticized by the media and fans over her body type. However, she recently admitted how being different from other players motivated her to create her own unique style of dressing.

Williams accepted the fact that she was different

The 42-year sat down for a recent interview with Bloomberg. Williams opened up on her body issues, and how she came about designing her own outfits after being given the greenlight by Puma, her initial clothing sponsor.
"One thing I did love when I first came out with Puma is they gave me like a lot of opportunities to design some of the stuff that I was wearing, or at least say like, this is what I want to wear," said the former World No.1. "And I knew that listen I don't look like everyone else out here. I don't play like everyone else. And I'm different, it's clear that I'm different. I am a black girl and I am playing tennis."

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