Retirement flee for Camila Giorgi as Italian reportedly on the run from tax authorities back home

Saturday, 11 May 2024 at 17:00
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More details have come to light in the bizarre case of Camila Giorgi who according to Gazzetta back in Italy is on the run from tax authorities in her home country of Italy which likely explains her sudden retirement in another strange addition to the story.
Giorgi earlier this week made her retirement official albeit it was the ITF who did so with a notification on their list. But the Italian herself aside from one Instagram story, a picture of herself has remained fairly silent. The Guardia di Finanza is supposedly on her trail with disputes with tax authorities which also affect other members of her family.
Supposedly her father Sergio, mother Claudia and brothers Leandro and Amadeus, all also have several 'gaps' in their tax returns which have never been filed. Also she has the upcoming trial surrounding her accused fake COVID vaccine which is set for July 16th. As a result, investigators believe she has fled to the United States to avoid both the tax authorities and also this trial. Hence the quick retirement without any sort of explanation.
Giorgi ST Petersburg
Giorgi ST Petersburg
This makes sense with Giorgi's last match being in Miami in March where she was walloped by Iga Swiatek. She then retired following that so likely never returned to Italy amid issues back home. She also was contacted by the WTA, but supposedly they never heard back and her phone has been cut off.
The court date for the fake COVID vaccines administered by a doctor who is the main subject of the trial is July 16th. Giorgi is set to appear before the judge in Vicenza on that date. But whether she will remains to be seen. A player that has spent most of her career as a bit of a bizarre entity was celebrated in her retirement announcement. But it seems there is more to it.

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