Rafael Nadal hints at potential prolonged retirement in Rome Open interview

Saturday, 11 May 2024 at 18:11
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Rafael Nadal left the Rome Open after a poor loss to Hubert Hurkacz which left him doubting whether he would play at Roland Garros or not in a loss that really took the stuffing out of the legendary Spaniard. But he has potentially thrown fuel on the fire that he won't be giving up in 2024 even.
Nadal is set likely to retire this year. He has had multiple farewells thus far but aside from those waiting outside, he didn't receive the same treatment in Rome. He said this is because it might not be the last time he plays in one of the destinations that has meant the most.
"I don't know if it's the last time I'm gonna play here or not. It's more of a chance that today was the last one. But I don't make decisions in tough moments." But it is more presumably that he doesn't want to make a comment that he will later regret.
Nadal knows that his time is running out, but while he is able to he seemingly doesn't want to put a date on it and bookend an end point. It is seen likely that he will say farewell at some point after the Paris Olympic Games.
A potential finale could be the Davis Cup Finals in November in Malaga with it seen as likely the perfect opportunity for him to end his farewell tour and find himself back where it began. He has signed up for Laver Cup and Saudi Slam and admitted also that he won't retire in Paris. Albeit this is a double edged sword.
Mainly due to the Paris double header so while he likely means Roland Garros, he will also seemingly be adding the Olympic Games into that mix. Either way, he is seemingly not going out without a fight.

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