Stefanos Tsitsipas’s mother shares brutal thoughts on his relationship with Paula Badosa

Friday, 07 June 2024 at 20:30
Stefanos Tsitsipas's mother, Julia Apostoli, gave her verdict on her son's relationship with Paula Badosa. The couple started their relationship a year ago and had recently announced their separation; however, they surprised everyone a few weeks later by announcing they were back together.
The tennis couple took the opportunity to register in the mixed doubles draw of the French Open, from which they eventually withdrew. At the time the mixed doubles draw started, Tsitsipas was still alive in both men's doubles and singles, while Badosa was also still competing in the singles draw.
However, not everyone seems happy with the relationship, as the Greek’s mother, Julia Apostoli, recently gave her opinion. Julia shared her thoughts on her son's girlfriend: “A girl that is not a super confident person,” she said of her son's partner. “She needs big support, to learn more things, experience life. The choice has been made. Nobody asked my opinion.”
A month ago, Badosa was playing in the Madrid Open shortly after her relationship with Tsitsipas had ended. The Spaniard debuted with a victory over Russian Mirra Andreeva. The 26-year-old mentioned to reporters her feelings about the end of her relationship with Tsitsipas: “Emotionally, it hasn't been easy these last few days, but I'm a strong person, so I'm trying to deal with everything the best I can.”
“I'm very proud of myself and how I'm doing. This reminds me a lot of the story of Maria [Sharapova] and Grigor [Dimitrov], where you meet the right person but maybe at the wrong time. It's a bit like that,” she said. “When we were great, the relationship was great. Other times we have our own careers, our own things, and sometimes it is better to separate,” Paula Badosa added.

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