"Very mild-mannered and very soft-spoken": Craybas believes personality and on-court persona of Rybakina sees her fly under the radar

Friday, 26 May 2023 at 13:46
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Former player and now broadcaster Jill Craybas believes the mild-mannered Rybakina flies heavily under the radar due to her nature but she's in the running for Roland Garros.
Rybakina is a very imposing player both with her height and the way she plays. Her game featured a lot of strong groundstrokes and her serves are some of the fastest on Tour. Contrary to her playstyle, Rybakina is very mild-mannered and quite soft-spoken in interviews which makes her fly under the radar a lot of times.

Craybas Talks Roland Garros

Speaking about Roland Garros, Craybas admitted:
“Obviously Swiatek would be the clear favorite. The fact that Rybakina just won Rome. I was listening to as well, people saying if she’s underrated or not. I think it's because of her personality and the way she approaches every tournament. She’s not one of those that’s going to be in your face. Very mild-mannered and very soft-spoken so I think it’s easy to sometimes forget about players like that but you have to throw her in there."

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