"Would Chris be Chris if it hadn't been for Martina?" - LA Lakers owner Jeanie Buss on the two WTA legends bringing out the best in each other

Los Angeles Lakers president Jeannie Buss recently spoke about Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova while discussing top players who played in the same era.

Buss was a guest on the Advantage Connors podcast, which is hosted by the legendary Jimmy Connors and his son Brett. She spoke on a variety of topics, including a cycle where a number of really good players came along at the same time.

Buss gave the example of Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova, who locked horns in 14 Grand Slam finals. The 61-year-old hinted that Evert might not have been who she was if it wasn't for Navratilova, who brought out the best in her opponent.

When you think of Chris and Martina, like why did they have to play each other in every final and they wanted to beat each other so bad," Buss said. "Would Chris be Chris if it hadn't been for Martina? We all have to respect the opponent that brings out the best in us."

Jimmy Connors would then claim that having a strong rival was important in the sport. He said that a player has to have someone who they can 'butt heads' with.

"That's what sports is all about. You got to have somebody that you can butt heads with," Connors said. "You can't be soft, you got to go in every time and know that these guys want to beat you just as bad as you want to beat them, or worse."

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