Alcaraz a 'generational player' according to former Serena Williams coach, Rick Macci

Tuesday, 18 April 2023 at 11:30
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Carlos Alcaraz is a generation player according to former coach of Serena Williams Rick Macci who exclusively spoke to Tennis Infinity.
Rick Macci has had a long career in tennis coaching some of the greatest talents in the world of tennis such as Serena Williams. He knows tennis and he knows a good player when he sees one. According to him Alcaraz fits the bill of a generational player and he is going to change tennis with the way he plays it:
"I saw this like three years ago,  and I've actually done some videos. He's a generational player, and he's going to transcend how people even teach the sport. It's almost like it's okay to do the drop shot more now."
According to the coach tennis is already being taught a bit differently thanks to Alcaraz who has become known for using the drop shot with deadly precision:
"Now I think people are not only teaching the game a little different, like the drop shots become more of a priority on any surface, but I think also the pros are adding that even more to their game because when someone is the leader in the clubhouse, and someone is at the top, it's always a copycat situation in any sport. And now that he's given the endorsement more people are doing it. So I think he's even changing how people teach the sport, not with just the drop shot, but all the versatility that he brings."
The coach further stated that he's really good from both sides, pretty much without flaws and very much like Djokovic or Agassi:
"So the forehand, technically from a science point of view, great, the backhand is very technically sound also, there's nothing complicated going on there. So the two big ticket items, the forehand and backhand he's already fundamentally sound like Agassi or like Djokovic."

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