"Alexander Zverev and Boris Becker Demand Overhaul of Davis Cup Rules, Asserting Lack of Tennis Expertise in Current Format"

Wednesday, 20 September 2023 at 09:00
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Germany’s young tennis Alexander Zverev joins legendary Boris Becker in criticizing the new format of the Davis Cup.
The new format of the oldest competition in the tennis calendar has come under scanner after witnessing empty stands in the earlier competitions.
The new format forced teams of one group to play all of their matches at one venue. Before this year, there was a home-and-away kind of format in the competition.
Becker was the first big-name player in the world of tennis to criticised such a move in a message posted on his social media platform.
“Guys, whoever came up with these rules knows nothing about tennis! A change has to be made quickly, perhaps even back to the old format with home and away games,” Becker wrote.
Zverev joined the German legend and stated that the oldest competition in the world must return to its original format.
"Absolutely 100% right! The Davis Cup is one of the oldest competitions in the world that money could never have brought. Back to the real Davis Cup and back to tennis history," Zverev wrote.
After the new format, eight teams will now participate in the quarterfinal of the Davis Cup in the Spanish city of Malaga.

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