Andy Murray set for back procedure in race against time for Wimbledon farewell

Friday, 21 June 2024 at 19:57
Andy Murray is set to have a procedure on his back following his second round retirement from the Queen's Club Championships where he had to retire from his encounter with Jordan Thompson in a last ditch bid to be ready for Wimbledon.
Murray who suffered a ruptured ankle ligament in Miami rushed back to play at Roland Garros and the clay court season for the final time and it is more injury heartbreak this time as he admitted after ending his Queen's cause that he had an issue with his lower back.
The former World No.1 admitted that he shouldn't have tried to play against Thompson and that it only confounded an issue that had been around for a while and he is now set for a back procedure with a final Wimbledon being on the line for him. He is set to retire at some point during 2024 with Wimbledon and the Olympic Games seen as big goals in that plan.
"During my pre-match warm-up I was pretty uncomfortable, and then I walked up the stairs, just before going on the court, I didn't have the normal strength in my right leg," Murray said. "It was not a usual feeling.
"Then the first two balls I hit in the warm-up, my right leg, it was so uncoordinated. I had no coordination. Then my right leg just was not working properly.
"In hindsight, I wish I hadn't gone on there because it was pretty awkward for everyone.
"There is nothing I could do, and then there is part of you that wants to go out there and see if it gets better, you know, and maybe feel better with a bit of treatment or something, but that wasn't the case."
While his brother Jamie Murray who he is set to play doubles with at Wimbledon gave an update on the BBC. “He [Andy] saw a specialist yesterday evening and he’s basically trying to decide what his next move is," he said.
"I don’t think it’s right for me to go into that personally, that’s up to him, but I think he has got a few decisions to make.
"It’s obviously incredibly disappointing for him that this was potentially going to be his last Queen’s, last Wimbledon and Olympics, and there’s a potential that that might not be able to happen.
"I think he’s got to make a few decisions, and see where he goes from there.”

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