Andy Murray's heartfelt tribute to wife Kim Sears as he nears retirement

Friday, 05 July 2024 at 08:16
Andy Murray had a special note for his wife Kim Sears who has been a prominent figure throughout his career and a source of support in the stands from the start to the very end. He spoke about how he knew she was the woman for him and a keeper.
Murray heads into his final knockings as a tennis pro with the former World No.1 expected to retire albeit with no ceremony at the Paris Olympic Games. He had to withdraw from the singles at the Championships due to spinal surgery. However he has since played doubles with his brother Jamie Murray and also will play mixed with Emma Raducanu.
Their doubles campaign came to an end but that was a mere footnote as his tribute that came afterwards was very much the part to remember with not a dry eye on centre court. On his first meeting with wife Kim, he had dinner with her at the 2005 US Open and asked for her email address. But it was when he was sick twice in a bag during the first match she attended and she stayed with him that he knew she was a keeper.
"We met for the first time when we were 18 years old. Kim’s dad is a tennis coach and we met over in New York and went out for dinner there at the US Open. I choked a little bit the first time we went out. We walked her home to her hotel and I asked her for her email address. I don’t think that’s a normal thing to do," Murray said.
"The first match she came to watch me live was at the US Open. I actually vomited twice in that match. Once right in front of where she was sitting. I then stood up and vomited on my opponent’s racquet bag and she still seemed to like me so I knew she was a keeper after that."
"She’s been an amazing support to me and to my whole family and is the best mum. Unfortunately in a couple of months she's going to have to see me every day so things might be rocky for a little while but hopefully we can stick it out together. Yeah, Looking forward to the rest of our lives."

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