Andy Roddick fires back at fans who claim he misled fans about Hawkeye technology during Roland Garros

Friday, 14 June 2024 at 14:56
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Former World No.1 Andy Roddick took to social media to defend himself after fans claimed the retired tennis pro intentionally spread wrong information regarding electronic line calling during the recently concluded Roland Garros tournament.
During the French Open final between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev, the Spaniard's second serve was called out but overturned by the chair umpire. This led to Zverev losing the point and eventually the match. However, TV replays showed that Alcaraz's serve was indeed out, and Zverev should have won the game.
Roddick took to Twitter to give his opinion on the matter, defending Zverev and saying players are often right when it comes to reading ball marks due to their experience.
"Players normally right. Shotspot showed Zverev saw mark correct way ……. Cant replace real life playing reps when reading marks correctly. Good riddance to these umpires trying. Bring in the machines full time," wrote Roddick.
However, a fan responded to Roddick, saying the former US Open champion was misleading fans about electronic line calling and undermining tennis officials in the process. This led to Roddick firing back at the fan, stating humans make more errors than Hawkeye.
"Feel free to @ me. Always happy to be wrong about something. One thing a I can w certainty is that there would be no reason to intentionally mislead people. Simply, I believe one is a less bad option. It’s not whether Hawkeye has a margin of error. It’s whether humans make more errors than Hawkeye. In my experiences, they do," replied the retired player.

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