Carlos Alcaraz's unsupervised trip to Ibiza causes agent's concern

Friday, 14 June 2024 at 01:40
Carlos Alcaraz's agent, Albert Molina, expressed his concern about his client's unsupervised trip to Ibiza. According to Molina, the 21-year-old could find himself involved in controversies if recorded out of context during his vacation.
‘Carlitos’ recently traveled to Ibiza after winning the French Open title. In the final, he defeated Alexander Zverev 6-3, 2-6, 5-7, 6-1, 6-2, securing his third Grand Slam title and rising to world No. 2, just behind Jannik Sinner.

Agent fears for Alcaraz's reputation

Taking advantage of the start of the grass swing, Alcaraz decided to take a few days off and was seen relaxing on vacation in Ibiza with family and friends. The Spaniard is set to defend his titles at the Queen’s Club Championship and Wimbledon in the coming weeks.
His agent, Albert Molina, responded in an interview with El Partidazo de COPE when asked jokingly if Alcaraz's physiotherapist accompanied him on vacation. Molina mentioned that the former world No. 1 simply wanted to go out with friends.
"He didn't want anyone. It scares me personally, but not because of Carlos. Because I know that the problem is that Carlos is very noble, it is not because of Carlos but because of the people he may have by his side and not because of his friends because they are good people," Carlos Alcaraz's agent said.
Carlos Alcaraz with his first French Open trophy
Molina added that it's a current danger considering anyone can capture or record his client at any moment and take it out of context, which could ruin his reputation. He revealed that Alcaraz himself is worried about this issue: "But hey, when you expose yourself so much outside, there are always people with a phone who can record something that may be taken out of context or may not be reality as it is," he said.
"Because in the end, a photo or a 5-second video can convey things to you that are not real, lies. He is afraid that this will happen to him, that it could be nailed to him at night in any situation of this type," he added.
In the interview, Albert Molina also commented on his early days working with Carlos Alcaraz and his father. The agent was amazed by his talent when the player was still a child: "The first time I saw him play I was 13 years old. At 11, I had already heard about him, I had seen some games, but at 12, I followed him more. I traveled to different cities in Spain where the tournaments were held, and he began to surprise me," he said.
"I started talking to Carlos Sr. because Carlitos was a child. I began to approach him, to tell him that his son had a lot of talent, and one of the things I would like would be to start working with him," Molina added. "At first, he had doubts; he was surprised to have a representative for his son at 12 years old... But in the end, the father was convinced by the project," he added.

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