Cameron Norrie outlasts David Goffin for Wimbledon semifinal

Tuesday, 05 July 2022 at 20:30
Cameron Norriw Wimbledon 2021
Cameron Norrie is through to the Wimbledon semifinals after beating David Goffin in a dramatic 5-setter 3-6 7-5 2-6 6-3 7-5.
The British player is the last remaining brit in the draw at Wimbledon and he's making his nation very proud. Norrie played well at Wimbledon over the years but was never able to find a proper breakthrough. It came this year thanks to a combination of strong play and a favourable draw. This match was one where Norrie had a lot of issues but survives thanks to his stamina.
Goffin played almost five hours against Tiafoe in the previous round and the longer this match went on the clearer the effect of that became. The Belgian was the better player for large parts of this match but eventually, towards the end, he simply ran out of fuel. Norrie was quite shaky in the opening set. He was better in the 2nd but won it thanks to a bit of luck more so than outplaying Goffin.
In the 3rd one, Goffin smashed Norrie easily as the Brit once again struggled to match the high level of Goffin. The 4th set was the first set where Goffin started to show signs of fatigue. He was shortening points and unless his serve was working well the rallies were very tough for him. Norrie was able to take a break and cruise to a 6-3 finish forcing a decider.
Goffin has been superb at deciders throughout his career but today he simply lacked the energy needed to do it. He held on pretty well early on but towards the end, he faltered and Norrie was able to snatch it 7-5.

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