Carlos Alcaraz playing the way Jannik Sinner should as Jimmy Connors and Spencer Segura see improvement needed in one area for Italian

Tuesday, 07 May 2024 at 22:30
Former tennis players Jimmy Connors and Spencer Segura discussed the adjustments that Jannik Sinner needs to make in his game and suggested that he adopt an attacking style of tennis like Carlos Alcaraz.
The eight-time Grand Slam champion, Connors, commented alongside his friend and former doubles partner, Spencer Segura, on Sinner's playing style. They both agreed on Sinner's strength in serving and noted that it surpasses Alcaraz's, but suggested that Sinner could learn other aspects from the Spaniard:
"He [Sinner] has got a monster serve, if he hits it in, he’s got a big first serve that Alcaraz doesn’t have but he’s doing it. He’s playing the way Sinner should," Segura said.
Connors remarked that if the Spaniard possessed attributes of Sinner's game, other aspects of his game might not be as effective: "Isn’t that the way it normally goes though? I mean, if Alcaraz for instance, had a serve as big as Sinner, maybe his forehand and the rest of his game, the movement and everything might not be so good," Connors responded.
Sinner pulled out of the 2024 Rome Open.
"Right, but I mean you didn’t have a huge serve but if a guy hits short on you and you’re up 30-0, you’re gonna be in on him. You’re gonna hit an approach shot or a shot that pulled him off the court,” Segura added. "Once this guy learns to punish you when he makes the first serve as opposed to get into a point with you… every time he’s up 30-0 and he hits a big serve, he should pick the point on the rise and finish the point," he concluded.
As of now, Sinner has a record of 28-2 in 2024 with three titles. The 22-year-old Italian experienced hip issues during the Madrid Open and had to withdraw before playing the quarterfinals against Felix Auger-Aliassime. Following his withdrawal in Spain, Sinner announced that he would not be participating in the Masters 1000 Rome Open, and his participation in the French Open is still in doubt.

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