Could Andy Murray suddenly play French Open? Unlikely return from injury teased after training update

Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 16:50
Andy Murray is back hitting on clay, but this will also send the rumour mill into overdrive about his eventual return to the tennis court as he seems to be making more miraculous progress that he could yet play the French Open.
Murray has been known in previous years to snub clay with the Brit tending to favour having a training block geared towards Wimbledon where he usually flourishes and also receives more chances to play through wildcards and also even Challenger Tournaments in the weeks prior. He tends to enter these while Roland Garros heads into the second week in order to gain the edge.
But he could take a different route and more of a farewell tour approach going into the rest of 2024. Given that it seemed his season may have been curtailed and he may have not got the retirement he perhaps wanted, he will likely be counting his blessings and aiming to play as much as possible.
He was sighted with British doubles specialist Jonny O'Mara on the clay this week in a video posted to his Instagram of Murray practicing and back hitting with intensity. Time will soon tell whether he decides to go down this route and give the French fans alongside likely Rafael Nadal one/two including the Olympic Games final stands. Exciting though for fans of the Brit.

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