Amanda Anisimova and Emma Raducanu share snaps of time spent in Madrid together, joke about 'going through the trenches'

Sunday, 28 April 2024 at 16:19
Amanda Anisimova and Emma Raducanu are both well adversed to being teen prodigies with the weight of the tennis world on their shoulders and on their return to the tour this season seem to have struck up a budding friendship.
Raducanu lost out early at the Madrid Open with defeat to Maria Lourdes Carle, while Anisimova lost from a winning position to Emiliana Arango. Both as a result felt the fury of South Americans and both suffered shock defeats. Raducanu has shown some glimmers as of late of being back towards her best with Billie Jean King Cup and Stuttgart offering some real resolve for the former US Open champion.
Anisimova showed promise at the start of the year returning in Auckland and the Australian Open, but has barely played since then. She has dealt with injuries and has received wildcards before withdrawing days before the tournament takes place. So despite showing real early promise, she hasn't made as much strides as other returnees on the tour.
She shared images taken including of herself by Raducanu tagging her as photo credit and the Brit joked that they'd been 'thru the trenches'. Perhaps a metaphor for a poor week for both on the court. With both receiving wildcards for this tournament, it is unknown when they will next play with Rome and Roland Garros a little less clean cut when it comes to wildcards. Both have benefited from IMG management in Miami (albeit neither played) and also Madrid.

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