Djokovic and Nadal speak on changing set format at Grand Slams

The debate of whether to continue best of five at Grand Slams or revert to best of three has been brought up at the ATP Finals.

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic spoke about this and both had differing views on the subject.

"Yeah I am completely against changing that in the Grand Slams. We have a day off, I think best-of-five makes the difference in these tournaments," said Nadal.

"It is part of the history of our sport. Winning a Grand Slam, playing best of three demands something else from the player. Strong mentally, stronger physically to be solid for such a long time and for such a long two weeks. So I really believe it's the right to do."

"I am more a proponent of two-out-of-three everywhere. To improve the product of tennis, I feel like we have to adapt," said Djokovic.

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