"He's awesome but it makes you feel bad" - Schwartzman on Stakhovsky joining Ukranian army

Sunday, 06 March 2022 at 14:00
Stakhovsky 2
Argentine tennis star Diego Schwartzman has applauded Sergiy Stakhovsky for his brave decision to join the military and fight the Russian invasion.
Last Thursday, Russia launched their invasion of Ukraine. After sending his wife and kids to Hungary, Stakhovsky came back to Ukraine and joined the military reserve to fight the Russian invasion. Speaking about the decision, Schwartzman expressed his admiration for his bravery:
"(Stakhovsky's decision) Is awesome. It's just that you can't believe it. The unworthy situation makes you feel bad. Everything that is being experienced by leaders or governments that do not agree is very ugly. And in the end, those who suffer are the people, the common people."
Schwarttman further said:
"Picking it up with people who have nothing to do with it is wrong; It's clear who the culprits are. There are many families of Ukrainian tennis players who had to stay in that country."
The Argentine also apluaded Russian players for publicly speaking out against the decision.

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