Holger Rune dubs Federer 'most elegant player' he has ever seen on tennis court with regret in never facing him

Friday, 07 April 2023 at 09:30
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Holger Rune has called Roger Federer 'the most elegant player ever' as the Danish player never got to face on a tennis court which is something he is not happy about.
Holger Rune emerged on the tour in recent years and his finish last year was what sent him into the top 10. The Danish player hasn't lived up to expectations early this year but he's been pretty solid with clay season providing a very good chance for him to make some noise. One of his idols growing up was Federer, somebody he would have liked to have played against but it never happened:
"Roger Federer. I practiced with him at the Nitto finals in 2019 but never played a match against him. He is the most elegant player I have ever seen on a tennis court so I think I would be very inspired by playing against him."
Rune is known as a player who has big dreams and he's not really shy to speak about them either. He further talked about his dreams recently explaining what they are:
"I dream big. Since I was 6 years old, I wanted to become the best player in the world and win multiple grand slams and the Olympics. This dream hasn’t changed."
He also provided some youthful energy when asked what rule he would change in the sport:
"I think for the future there will have to be changes in order to keep the younger audience hot and for tv. Maybe shorter matches by cutting away one serve or do no add on 40 all points, net serve could count as a serve, shorter breaks between points or something like that. "

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