"Holger Rune fills up the stadiums!": Mouratoglou full of praise for Rune, backs his on court emotions

Saturday, 06 May 2023 at 21:00
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Holger Rune has been one of the most polarizing players on the ATP Tour this year with the Danish player either widely praised or openly hated for the way he goes on about his business.
Holger Rune is a player that likes to embrace his emotions on a tennis court so you'll get a full rollercoaster with him every match. He doesn't mind clashing with other players or the crowd as he brings a lot of passion to the tennis court and it's something you either hate or love. Patrick Mouratoglou likes it because it fills Stadiums which is true:
“Holger Rune fills up the stadiums! He will do it more and more in the future and I love it. First thing I want to say about Holger’s emotion on the court is that everybody’s different. I personally like players who are giving emotion and to share that with the crowd in a way, because you express it."
He added:
“It helps also people connect with you in a good or in a bad way, but they connect and it makes the stadium alive and that’s why those guys in general, they are guys who really fill up the stadiums. They fill up the stadium because - the game and we love the game but it’s not hitting a tennis ball on the other side of the court. It’s also about giving emotion to people who watch.
Mouratoglou also said:
“When you have players like Holger, who are full of emotions and who share those emotions throughout the match, something’s happening on the court. So, I personally like it and I understand people don’t like it and it’s totally fine."

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