“I distrust him": Amelie Mauresmo skeptical of Djokovic’s motivation remarks

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 at 20:41
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Amelie Mauresmo, director of the French Open, recently commented that she does not trust the supposed loss of motivation of Novak Djokovic. The former world No. 1 praised Nole for his 'incredible mental strength' and mentioned that the Serbian has already overcome complex situations in his career.
The 24-time Grand Slam champion had an early loss in the Round of 32 at the Rome Open against Alejandro Tabilo (2-6, 3-6), which changed his preparation plans for the French Open. Djokovic decided to play the ATP 250 Geneva Open in search of more matches on clay and to arrive in better shape for Roland Garros.

Mauresmo skeptical of Djokovic's claimed loss of motivation

Djokovic recently spoke with Nick Kyrgios on the podcast Good Trouble and commented that he is conflicted with his hunger to continue his career and his hunger for more success, with the possibility of doing other things in his life and enjoying his family: "The little Novak, the four-year-old Novak, who started playing tennis in Kopaonik in Serbia, is still inside and still in love with the sport and is still so hungry for more," he said.
"But at the same time, there’s probably this more mature Novak, father and a husband, that is, 'Come on, man. There are other things in life as well,'" Djokovic said.
"I really miss my children as we speak now. They are back in Europe, and I haven’t seen them for weeks. If I do well here, I will not see them for another two, three weeks, who knows? And that’s hurting me more and more, leaving them."
The director of the second Grand Slam of the year, Amelie Mauresmo, gave her opinion on Djokovic's current state in an interview with the program C à vous. The former French tennis player acknowledged Djokovic's mental strength and commented that she 'does not trust' his words: "He’s like everyone else actually! He has times when things aren’t going well, times when he has less motivation," Mauresmo said on the C à vous talk show.
Djokovic is the defending champion at French Open.
“He was very honest to talk about it, very transparent. But he has incredible mental strength and we have seen him in very complex situations throughout his career, which he overcame in an extraordinary way.
“I distrust him. Yes yes, even if we think that it is more difficult, that he is at the bottom of the wave, he still has extraordinary resources," Amelie Mauresmo added.

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