"I have no comment on that": Tsitsipas refuses to comment on drama surrounding mother in Rome

Friday, 26 May 2023 at 23:11
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Stefanos Tsitsipas refused to provide context to him kicking out his mother during his match against Daniil Medvedev at the Rome Open recently.
It was a Rome Open match between Tsitsipas and Medvedev with the Greek player kicking out his mother out of his box. The camera caught the moment and microphones picked up Tsitsipas telling her that her speaking Russian and giving tips is not helping because Medvedev can hear all of it.
Him being a native Russian made it very easy for him to understand what his mother was saying. He also had a bit of drama with his father as he too was giving him tips during the match, a scene very familiar to all tennis fans. His parents have been following him for much of his career, something which many considered was a bit too much.

Tsitsipas refuses to comment on family drama in Rome

The Greek player was asked about it at Roland Garros recently and he refused to comment:
“I have no comment on that.

Tsitsipas on his split with Philippoussis

He was asked about his split with former player Philippoussis and responded:
“I'm at a phase of my career in life where I need one coach that can provide all the information, all the analysis, all of the things that I'm looking for to improve my game. Less is more, in my opinion. I feel like there are a lot of people I could bring in my team that could help for sure by sharing their thoughts and opinions about what can I do better and how can I do it better. But it is very important to stick with few people, in my opinion, and make that work, because when you have a lot of people around you, it can get very draining for your mental energy, too. So that is also one of the reasons.”

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