"I never tried alcohol so I don't know": Grigor Dimitrov ironically quips on aging like a fine wine at Wimbledon

Monday, 01 July 2024 at 15:44
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Grigor Dimitrov took down Dusan Lajovic 6-3, 6-4, 7-5 to set up a second round against Juncheng Shang at Wimbledon. Reaching the Quarter-Finals of the French Open recently and having a real career renaissance, Dimitrov was told he is aging like a fine wine.
But Dimitrov who recently turned 33 pointed out the irony to those comments given that in his words he has never tried alcohol. He then continued that he has been getting the question a lot but that in similar vein to Danielle Collins who albeit is retiring, it is not a coincidence.
He said that it comes down to hard work and dedication and not knowing when that second wind might come and in the case of Dimitrov, it has come over the past 12 months. He was the first through this morning at SW19 and continues to show that he is still a player to watch in 2024 as he heads towards his mid 30's.
“I never tried alcohol so I don’t know, but if you say so, I’m gonna go with that. Lately I’ve been getting that question a lot. I just wanna set the record straight. It’s not a coincidence. I’ve been there before. You put a lot of work throughout the years. You just never know when you might harvest your work," said Dimitrov.
"I’m very grateful where I’m at right now. I’m cherishing every single match I get out there, whether I’m winning or losing. Losing hurts way more than it used to 10 years ago. So I don’t wanna lose. Fighting as much as I can. Doing everything the best I possibly can. I have zero regrets. Whether it’s 33, 35, or 37, who knows if I’m gonna be playing then. If I’m still enjoying it, I’m more than happy to play for myself. But also for you guys. Thank you so much for supporting me throughout the years.”

Dimitrov after beating Lajovic at Wimbledon “If I’ve counted correctly this is your 14th Wimbledon. You’re also top 10 again. Is it fair to say you’re aging like fine wine?” Grigor: “I never tried alcohol so I don’t know, but if you say so, I’m gonna go with that. 😂 Lately…


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