"I still like to compete, it keeps me going" - John Isner on being the oldest player in the Top 100

John Isner will begin another year on the ATP Tour at the ASB Classic in Auckland as the big-serving American looks to continue playing tennis for a while.

Many people wondered if Isner's career would end last year, but for the time being, he is eager to carry on. He is the oldest player in the top 100 (with an ATP Ranking of 42 at age 37), yet he takes pride in that fact since he recognizes his good fortune that allowed him to be that.

"I am still feeling pretty good," admitted the American. "I know I am in the twilight of my career and a lot of players my age aren't playing anymore, so I think I'm very fortunate to still be playing. I think I'm the oldest player in the Top 100, which is actually something I'm very proud of."

Like many other tennis players, Isner still feels the need to compete as he enjoys it. As he explained, it 'keeps him going' which is important. He doesn't enjoy all parts of it as he singled out practices as the boring part of it.

"I still like to compete, it keeps me going," Isner added. "I'd be lying to you if I told you I love all the work that goes in. Sometimes practice can get pretty monotonous, but I do love the training and off court I am just trying to get myself in a good spot to compete with players much younger than I am. You can't play tennis forever, so I want to try to make this last as long as possible. I am ready to achieve some really cool things this year."

As most years, Isner arrived down under with his family and it's something he enjoys. He remembered a time when he was alone and it was less fun that it is now.

"I really enjoying having them here," he said. "It makes the losses easier because it really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Ten years ago, when I was 27 years old and without a family, without a wife, the losses kind of hurt more."

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