"I was driving home late last night and I saw flashing lights behind me": Tim Henman reveals mistakenly pull over by police on way back from Wimbledon

Friday, 05 July 2024 at 13:30
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Former Britain’s number one Tim Henman has revealed that he was stopped by the police while returning home from Wimbledon. The 49-year-old is working as a pundit during the ongoing mega-event which is taking place in London.
Henman revealed that he was stopped over by the police ‘mistakenly’ as he was coming home from the competition in his car. The Oxford-born stated that he was informed by the police during the investigation that they were looking for a suspect who ran away after being involved in an accident.
“I was driving home late last night, about quarter to 12 and I saw the flashing lights about a hundred yards behind me,” he said. “I was driving and thought, 'well, I'll just pull over and let them scuttle on by. The police car was next to me. So, I wound down the window and a policeman said: 'Where have you come from?' And I said: 'Er, Wimbledon.' The woman officer said: '[We've had] reports of a Range Rover that has been fleeing the scene of an incident', at which point the officer in the passenger seat turned to her and said: 'I don't think it was him.' 'I thought, 'Okay, perfect.”
Henman was one of the players who had the hopes of the whole nation, but he could not deliver what was expected of him during his playing days. He finished his career without winning a Grand Slam. His best appearance in a Grand Slam was playing in the semifinal on six occasions, but every single time, he ended up on the losing side.
Four of those six semifinal appearances came at Wimbledon where Henman came second-best. His last semifinal appearance in a Grand Slam was during the US Open in 2004 where he lost to the former world number one Switzerland’s Roger Federer in straight sets with a score of 6-3, 6-4, 6-4.
Even though he won 11 titles in his career, the most significant appearance in his career was winning a silver medal in 1996 Olympics in the doubles category.

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