Italy Billie Jean King Cup captain expresses worry over Camila Giorgi's unexpected retirement

Sunday, 12 May 2024 at 10:25
giorgi st petersburg 1
Italy's team captain during the Billie Jean King Cup Tathiana Garbin has expressed ‘concern’ about the sudden retirement of Camila Giorgi. The 32-year-old retired in rather suspicious circumstances as WTA authorities were unable to contact her or her entourage ahead of the events.
Later, on May 07, her name suddenly appeared on the list of retired players on the website of the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) which sparked rumours about her safety and well-being. Garbin was recently quoted in a report where she admitted that there is concern about the players’ safety but was of the opinion that such a decision might be taken because of poor results in the recent past.
"There's a bit of concern,” she said. “The last time we spoke was before the Billie Jean King Cup and she didn't give me availability to come to Seville with the team due to a foot problem. I hope that she is well, that there are no problems and that she has left this sport that has given her so much with serenity. I believe that for a player who has reached the top it is difficult to then start again from the qualifiers and with a low ranking. A conclusion was perhaps necessary.”

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