“It’s not yet there where I want it to be”: Novak Djokovic makes honest knee admission as Wimbledon campaign to continue

Saturday, 06 July 2024 at 09:19
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Novak Djokovic will play Alexei Popyrin today in the third round of 2024 Wimbledon albeit not 100% and by his own admission not where he wants to be.
Djokovic though only had knee surgery a matter of weeks ago on a meniscus tear which was worsened at the French Open. His comeback was truly remarkable and he opened up about the issues he faces as a result.
Kind of giving his game plan away, he spoke about how he deals with it and the adjustments he has to make to still perform to his best.
"It’s not yet there where I want it to be. Kind of late on the balls that I’m normally not late on. That’s the part which I guess comes with matches. So, the longer I stay in the tournament, I think the better the chances that my movement will improve," the Serb said.
"The earlier rounds is where I’m still a little bit rusty on the movement, I think. That’s what I felt today, at least. But yeah, I don’t worry about reinjuring my knee. I don’t have time nor energy to think about it, nor do I think it’s worth it. I wouldn’t be here unless I think that, not just myself, but the whole team, that I’m ready to compete at this level.”
"In a way, it’s expected and normal when you come back from surgery, the body’s trying to understand what’s going on," he continued.
“Very early after surgery, already competing at the highest level on a surface that is, again, slippery. Kind of have to be careful with the way you move at times.”

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