"It’s really like a healthy relationship in sport": Berrettini clarifies relationship with Sinner professional as opposed to personal

Wednesday, 10 May 2023 at 18:30
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Matteo Berrettini recently opened up about his relationship with fellow Italian star Jannik Sinner revealing that they are close on the Tour but not really outside of it.
Berrettini and Sinner are not the same generation and didn't come up together in the juniors but they know each other through the Italian Davis Cup team as well as being part of the top group of players on the ATP Tour. They're not that close off the court but are really close when it comes to the tennis tour as they text often and practice when they can:
"I'm a little bit older but I feel he's going so fast that I don't consider him like someone younger than me. He has achieved so much already. Yeah, I think in general, our relationship is great, we text each other, we practice together, and when we have the chance, we play doubles together, so it’s really like a healthy relationship in sport."
He further explained that it's good to have a fellow Italian so highly ranked ebcause it allows them to push each other and get better:
"Like we help each other to raise our level and thanks to him, I'm also improving my game. I think it's something we need in order to get better. That’s why it would be even better to play against each other. I really like Jannik as a guy. We are both lucky to have each other on tour."
Berrettini is currently away from the sport due to injuries but he hopes to make a quick recovery.

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