Mischa Zverev cheers for brother Alexander Zverev against slower, aging Nadal with straight sets hope

Friday, 24 May 2024 at 15:01
Mischa Zverev has digested the draw that his brother Alexander Zverev has received at the 2024 French Open which saw a lot of audible gasps and conjecture as he will face Rafael Nadal two years on from the infamous semi-final.
At that point, Zverev didn't finish off the job as he was the victim of a horrific ankle injury which he has only just fully recovered from and is winning titles again. For Mischa, the hope is that Sascha can win in straight sets this time.
He said that there is a bit of conjecture either way in that some are blinded by Nadal of old instead of the current version who is slightly inferior and is getting old. For many current form isn't the gauge and it is more previous accomplishments, but the hope for Mischa is that he doesn't get embroiled in a long tie.
"When you see the draw of Roland Garros, you have to sit down and digest it. Zverev against Nadal in the first round. How did that go a few years ago. It was a three-hour match that ended without a match point because Zverev got injured and couldn't continue. Then he was out for seven months and Nadal won his last Roland Garros," said Zverev as per Eurosport.NL.
"Now they play each other in the first round, but a lot has changed. Zverev is seeded and Nadal is not even in the top 100, which is the first time in more than 20 years. Everyone asks me what I think that it works out and I always say that Zverev could and should have won at the time. This time he will also win, because Nadal has become slower and his fitness leaves much to be desired."
"The blows are still the same, but the big question is whether he can keep playing for five sets. I think Zverev will win in the end and I hope it will be over in three sets. Nevertheless, it will be a tough match, maybe not physical, but emotional because it could be Nadal's last match at Roland Garros. The audience cannot choose whether they want to see a good match or simply Nadal again at the Philippe-Chatrier."
"They both go into the match with courage and nerves, but also with the strange feeling that this could be the end of Rafael Nadal's era on the clay of Paris."

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