More than a tennis player - Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer's legacy aspirations

Saturday, 18 May 2024 at 10:56
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Spain’s legendary tennis star Rafael Nadal and former world number one Roger Feder shared light about how they would like to be remembered. The two are often regarded as the best players in the history of men’s tennis, having won 22 and 20 Grand Slams, respectively.
Nadal and Federer were recently quoted in a report where they discussed how they would like to be remembered in the world of tennis. Interestingly, both ended up saying nearly the same thing.
“At the end what will make me feel proud and happy is when I leave this world, if the tournament directors, the people who work at the tournaments, staff, ATP, say good things about who I was on the tour, or who I am as a person more than a tennis player,” said Nadal.
“Because as a tennis player, at the end, we have the titles, we have the achievements and that's how it is. I achieved more than what I ever dreamed of. So for me at the end, the legacy in terms of a human being, after achieving all the things that we achieved, for me is the most important thing.”
“I hope if I'm remembered not only as a tennis player, but as a person behind what I gave to the game and what I represented to the game, and it was less about all my Wimbledon victories or whatever it was, that would mean a lot to me,” said Federer.
“If I can be remembered more as the personality rather than just a player, that would be great. And if I was a good role model for kids, that would make me happy too… And it would be nice, like Rafa said, if the people are happy to see us again. Not like ‘oh no, that guy again.”

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